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Pocket Rocket

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From Cal Exotics

Kinky Kraken gives this toy: 3/10 Caresses
Samus Andress gives this toy: 4/10 Caresses

Total Naked Geek score:   3.5/10 Caresses

Is that a Rocket in your Pocket or are you just Buzzing to see me?

Ah, my first real vibrator. What a powerful little beast! While I'll always treasure our time together, Little Blue Beauty wasn't perfect. 

She's pretty loud-- which can be distracting and embarrassing-- I swear my neighbor is going to be asking me what I'm doing over here...

Even though she has multiple "heads" that you can switch out, I really only used two of them until I picked my favorite of those. (The rounded one, cause I'm just not all that interested in jabbing my bits)
She doesn't have settings-- just On, Off and open up the battery compartment, and the way you need to switch her off (a small twist at the bottom) can also open up the battery compartment-- troublesome if your just using her to warm up.

The vibration on this thing when I first turned it on nearly scared me, and the first time that I tried it I thought she was little too intense, but as I got used to her (and wore down her battery) I began to love the buzz.

A good buy for the price, but not the best toy in this price range. I'll use her for a quickie, but I'd rather hunt through my Toy Box for something better.

Cute, cheap, waterproof, pretty colors, changeable heads fits in the palm of your hand, what's not to love?... Well apparently a lot. O.K. I'll admit it. I am picky when it comes to sexy toys but there is such a wide variety out there I don't think I should have to settle. This is not a high end toy and I don't expect it to be and it does have a pretty decent vibrations which is nice. I'm sure there are people that adore this little rocket but I just can't understand why. 

For a start this little thing is loud which kind of negates it's discreet size. All of the changeable heads are hard plastic and some of have little spikes on it. Spikes of hard plastic near my lady bits is not my idea of a good time. There is one with a rounded to but it's so rounded I find it difficult to have it stimulate very specific spots. The size and shape becomes a big disadvantage when you use it. Hard to hold on to it if you use lube or even just in the heat of the moment. In short it is fiddly and when I am having some alone time the last thing I want to do is mess about with something that is supposed to be just pure pleasure.

Comes in yellow, purple, pink and blue. Slim and cute!

This pocket rocket is small and discreet. It comes with 5 changeable heads that range from fun to a little scary (I tried using the needle-ly head and although I didn't have a specific complaint about it-- I just couldn't get over the jabb-y). 


  • Length:
    2 1/2"
    0.8 oz


Pretty strong!  


Powered by 4 watch batteries


Loud! Loud! Loud! I'm afraid my neighbor is going to hear me!


Feels pretty durable, it's not going to break if you use it, and it's waterproof (however, I'd be afraid to turn it off in the tub because the batteries pop out so easily).


Hard plastic, Food-grade material, Hypo-allergenic, Phthalate free




Soap and water do it best! Very easy clean up.

Great selection of vibrators

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 -- Kinky Kraken & Samus Andress