Pink Fire Pointer Global Orgasm Day

Global Orgasm Day

The organizers of the Global Orgasm, evolutionary behaviorists Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell, would like everyone to synchronize their greatest surge of physical and spiritual power on the Solstice, December 21st between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time.

The theory is that if enough people can climax at the same time while projecting a conscious intention for peace and harmony on the planet, a surge of physical and spiritual positivity will infuse the Earth's energy field.

But we can all just have an orgasm too-- it's a win-win.
Any measurable effects will show up at The Global Consciousness Project ( in Princeton, NJ, which runs a network of Random Event Generators around the world, which record changes in their randomness during global events. The results show that the physical effects of human consciousness can be measured.

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Plus it's the end of the world so--

Make it Count!