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Raw genitals are sad genitals, so everybody grab some lube!

Today we're going to discuss lube--

  • How important lube is for your body
  • The different kinds of lube there are
  • How important it is to know what lube your using
Lube & You!

The most natural lube of all is Lady Lube! Every Girl has it. So  why do you need more you might ask? Well for a start you might not be a woman. Secondly, depending on many factors including mood, hormones and having a little to much sex you might not have enough to have a sexy slip and slide down there. Never fear there is plenty of lube out there to help out.

Almost every guy knows the importance of lube because they use it during their me time but somehow they never think of it when they are with a sexy partner. This lack of lube during sex is just silly. I think one of the biggest problems is that there are different types of lubes and people are unsure of which to use.

Moisture is essential to any kind of sex—rubbing dry on dry skin will quickly show you how uncomfortable sexual activity can be without it. Moisture prevents micro-abrasions in our most sensitive areas that can happen from sexual friction, as well as heightens sensation. (Lubrication is especially important for anal sex)

Lube is more than just moisture... it's formulated to be more slick than our natural juices, and to give a bit of padding between surfaces in motion.

Types of Lube

There are basically 3 different kids of lube--


Oil-based lubes were the first recorded lubes. Egyptians started using olive oil back in the hieroglyphic days. 

It's only in recent history that we've found out that oil anything wreaks havoc on the vagina, harboring bacteria and creating yeast infections.

Oil-based lubes also break down latex, which will either render your condom useless, or destroy your favorite sex toy.

Male masturbation is your best (only) bet with an oil-based lubes. They are super slippery and thick without being sticky. There are oil-based lubes (like mineral oil) which are liquid at room temperature, hypoallergenic, and clean up with soap and water.


Lube as we know it descended from a cellulose/water combination called Surgilube, released in the 1950s and is still common today for medical applications.

Fun Fact: Astroglide was one of the first lubes designed just for sexual play back in the 1950s.

The majority of lubes are water-based; they are a great all-purpose lube because they are condom safe, generally don't stain (depends on if coloring has been added or not), and can be flavored easily. 

Because they are water-based, they dehydrate (dry up), but remember that the slippery ingredients are still there... so a quick dunk of your hand in a glass of water on your bedside table, touch the lubed area, and you're back in business.

Water based lube is my ultimate favorite. It works great and it is so easy to clean. It never stains my sheets and it's nice to my lady bits. Water based lube is definitely Kinky Approved ;)

Silicone based

Silicone is clear, thinner, and feels... slick. If you just touch the cap of the lube bottle, you'll feel how slippery it is without even having to put it on your skin. Though it tends to be more expensive, a little bit goes a long way, so your bottle will last twice as long as a similar-sized bottle of water-based lube.

Silicone is inert, which means it won't change your pH balance or react with your body's chemistry.

Because it's not water-soluble, it's also the perfect choice for using in or under water, too, though be careful... it will make the floor of your shower super-slick too. It also makes a great massage oil because it doesn't dry up before you're done with it (try it as a shave cream, too!).

Also, the only thing that bonds to silicone is silicone; so using silicone lube with lower-quality silicone toys can gum up the surface. If you are unsure what type of toy you've got, do a spot-test on a small area; if it's going to gum up, it will do so immediately.

Lastly, silicone isn't so friendly on the digestive tract; so using it for oral sex might give you the runs if you ingest too much.

Not a Separate Category But...

Flavored lube is not really a different type of lube but I thought I would touch on the subject. Most flavored lubes I have tried has lots to be desired but it has started to improve. The best tasting lube I have tried is Sliquid and is mighty tasty. However, I get a little weirded out by my lover tasting like a dessert but I can understand the appeal.

Lube & your Toys

As we said above, it's important to use caution when selecting a lube because it can destroy your toy, your condom or mess with your bits!

So, remember!

  • Oil-based lubes are a No-No! (Unless you're penis-ly inclined and don't need a condom or sex toy to play)
  • Water-based lubes dry up easy, but are a good all purpose lubricant
  • Silicone based lubes can gum up low grade silicone toys that you may have, (you can always throw a condom on them) but a little goes a long way

So, what lube do you use?

Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions or questions below!

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 -- Kinky Kraken & Samus Andress