Pink Fire Pointer 7 Fun Ways to handle your vibe 2!

7 Fun Ways to handle your vibe 2!

If you are asked to name one women’s product that has taken the Canadian market by storm, it has to be the We Vibe 2. The product is a perfect companion to a woman who is travelling, at work or at home. There are many exciting ways to the handle the we-vibe 3 in Canada. Here we explore the 7 fun ways to handle the we-vibe 3.
  • Try it on both your nipples, ie., one end on one nipple and the other end on the other nipple and use it to tickle at a low frequency.
  • Use the we vibe 2 as a head phone and see how many people can figure out your prank.
  • Wear it inside for a sales meeting. Your customer will see the extra glow on your face and you might win a big sales contract.
  • If you would like to act sexy in front of your boss and be as natural about it, wear the we-vibe 3 inside.
  • How about trying to be a little innovative in its use with your partner? After all, sharing is caring right?
  • Have you tried changing the direction of one tip to see if the results are better?
  • Surprise your girlfriend by quietly dropping the we vibe 2 gifts in her bag and remotely make it vibrate at the restaurant.